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Estate Planning

Giving You Peace of Mind

Let the Law Office of Nickolas Daniels create a plan for your passing. The transfer of your assets will be much easier and quicker by using a Will, Trust, Deed, or other document to transfer your property. You will have peace of mind knowing your assets will go to your loved ones, and that your loved ones won't have the burden of going to court and paying unnecessary expenses to obtain your assets.


Probate Litigation

Proven Record

You want a dedicated and experienced attorney that understands probate litigation. It is a unique area of law as it involves the money and property of a loved one that passed away.

​The Law Office of Nickolas Daniels has helped many clients through the probate process. The goal is to satisfy the client as quickly and in the least stressful way possible.   

People end up in Probate Court when no Estate Plan was created, or just a basic Will was drafted. Unfortunately, it takes months to resolve probate court cases, fees must be paid, and family grievances may be displayed to the public.

Contract Review

Wills & Trusts

Documents That Matter

A Will is a traditional estate planning document where you leave instructions for the transfer of your assets after you pass. What most people don't know is that state law requires a Will to be probated in Probate Court. 

​A Trust is a more modern and advanced document that allows for the protection of you and your assets while you are alive, and the easy transfer of assets after you pass. A Trust does not have to be probated.  

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